Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kids, Kids, Kids

I can hardly believe it. Little Rissa and Baby Bree are starting to sleep through the night. But it hasn't been an easy task lately. It all started back near the time of Thanksgiving when Shelly decided to go dairy with Bree. In mid December Bree started having issues during the night again and the last week of December was the climax for me. Both Bree and Roo were up multiple times during the night and I was having a real tough time with it. Since then, Mama took herself off dairy again and Roo is trying to earn a skateboard for sleeping through the night for a full week. She's been trying for it for about 3 weeks now. Roo is getting to 5 nights in a row and then slips, but it hasn't been like the last two weeks of December were. Bree has only been waking a few times during the night, instead of waking up nearly every 45 minutes to and hour last during the same time span. Life has been getting back to normal. Good news, I was able to help Kiran get his Arrow of Light last month. That's a huge deal since he didn't do a whole lot while at his dad's during the summer and missed a ton. He's now moved on to 11 year olds. He is a great kid. He'll be missed. Lately in Scouting we've been trying to build a crystal radio. One of those where batteries aren't included. We've spent the last two den meetings trying to builld it. It sounds easy, but it's actually quite difficult. I'm going to spend one more den meeting on it next week to see if we can get it done. We're going to need a lot of luck. :) Trent turned 4 on January 8. I cannot believe how much that boy has grown. According to Nana, he's a minature me. Poor guy. I can see it, though. All except I was more into sports at that age than he is. Hopefully I can help him change that. One day. No real news on the Astros. 3 prospects made the top 100 list, which doesn't mean much to me except that we'll have great farm clubs and a lousy major league club. Oh well. Spring training is literally a couple weeks away. I'm stoked.

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